Long-Lasting Eyelash Extensions For League City

When it comes to looking your very best for a special occasion, League City men and women take it very seriously. Whether it’s investing in a facial before a wedding or booking an airbrush tan before a party with friends, most leave no stone unturned in pursuit of achieving their optimal appearance. At True Lash we are proud to be the spa facility that helps facilitate this sense of pride in our clients’ appearance. However, as well as offering many traditional services, we also provide a range of new and cutting edge treatments that can help change and improve your appearance. Eyelash extensions is one of those techniques.

The simple fact of the matter is that for many League City women and men, long eyelashes are something that they were, unfortunately, not born with. In the past, this may have meant that you had to be happy with what you had. However, with top-quality and long-lasting eyelash extensions from us, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to achieve that jaw-dropping look easily. What’s more, the affordable nature of our eyelash extension service guarantees that you will not be waiting hours for this procedure. So, whether you are looking for a new and stylish way to change your appearance or are simply sick of the daily mascara routine, extended eyelashes can help. Call today to schedule an appointment with us or to get further information about our service.

Wide Variety of Eyelash Styles

If there is one thing that we have learned at True Lash throughout the years, it is that no two League City people are the same. As such, it makes sense that no two eyelash extension treatments should be identical either. We take immense pride in offering a tailored eyelash extension service that will optimize your unique facial characteristics. It is for that reason that we offer two distinct styles. They include:

Faux Mink Lashes

The beauty of faux mink lashes is that they are a lighter and more wearable alternative to silk lashes. On top of that, they are guaranteed not to damage your natural eyelashes at all. Our faux mink lashes get thinner as they go up, helping to create a very natural look. They are also water repellant and soft, yet flexible enough to be the perfect accompaniment for any type of occasion.

Faux Mink Flat Lashes

Like our faux mink lashes, the flat variation of this lash type is also lighter than silk lashes but does not compromise on being water repellent or flexible. You can also rest assured knowing that they will not to any damage to your natural lashes.

What’s more, they are one of the latest additions to the eyelash extension market and if their initial popularity among our League City clients is anything to go by, then they look like they will be around for a long time.